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You have the base of entrepreneurs needing fast affordable business formations, we have the automated assembly line to make their businesses legal. You get 90% of the revenue. 

Forever Free Tier

2 formations a month

Trusted by Attorneys and CPAs

Founders can opt-in to services and we'll remind them of Compliance

Registered Agent Service

Required in every state, a Registered Agent receives government notices and lawsuits in person on behalf of the business owner.

Ongoing State Compliance

We help our clients file all their paperwork, such as an annual report, with the state agencies within the stipulated time timeframe.

Permit and License Search

We can assist your customers with license research and permits. This saves the clients the stress of finding the type of license their businesses needs. 

Entrepreneurs want cheap company formations, but don't know where to go

There are many ways to form an entity. A licensed attorney is always the safest route, but it can often be too expensive for new owners bootstrapping their businesses. Even sophisticated clients struggle to understand why they should pay thousands of dollars for simple company formations.

At the end of the day, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for attorneys to justify high rates for entity formation, let alone compete with the $49 offerings of online services. 

BetterLegal can help you navigate founders towards the right direction with unbranded educational tools.

Form an unlimited amount of companies for a fixed monthly price

If your volume is low, we provide 2 formations a month to you within our Forever Free Tier. If your customer base forms 3 or more a month, we charge a low $99/month fee for an unlimited amount of formations.

Why? Because we have automated the heavily repetitive and redundant tasks involved in this process. Our New York LLCs are delivered within 15 minutes of being purchase. We make money on the optional subscriptions offered.

73% of all BetterLegal's filings are automated and don't require human touch unless flagged by a bot if something with an order doesn't look right.

Founders fill out a simple form, we collect payment and fulfill the order

Set up your Partner Account and tell us the fee you'd like to charge. Have business owners fill out your branded form powered by BetterLegal and our system will take their payment on your behalf. When the business is formed and docs generated, we will fulfill the customer from your email address. Your fee will be sent to you by check as soon as it hits our bank account.

We'll handle the state and EIN filings, prepare bylaws or operating agreement, then fulfill direct to the founder with detailed information about state compliance and tax IDs. We'll also put a check in the mail with your fee.

Perfect solution for your business

Secure online dashboard

All company information and documents are accessible via a secure online dashboard

Manage the entire company lifecycle

Share company information with clients and let them manage the entire company lifecycle

We'll handle the paperwork

When your client needs to make a change, the app will tell them what filing they need, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. 

Forever Free Tier

2 formations a month. No credit card required


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